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Black History and Hair, Let's Talk

You know, hair, especially black people's hair, is a lot like a box of chocolates; you never know what you're gonna get! Instead of classifying 'black hair' as this monolithic thing, let's embrace the beautiful tapestry of textures that exist in all communities. It's like a hair buffet out there—thick, curly, wavy, coily and fine... You name it, we've got it! Let's celebrate the delightful chaos of hair diversity and leave those hair myths in the '80s where they belong!

Black folks' hair has been like the OG social media platform since forever! In Africa, before slavery caught on in America, your hair wasn't just hair—it was your whole resume! It told the world where you came from, what you did, who you knew, heck, even if you were keeping it together mentally! Hair was like your address, email, phone number, and LinkedIn profile rolled into one fabulous 'do. And let's not even start on its storytelling abilities—marriage, wars, skills, you name it, your hair had the scoop. So, when it comes to understanding the roots of our locks, don't just dive in blindly. Google it up, do your research, and find a stylist who's like a hair historian. Because the story of our hair? It's way deeper than any shampoo commercial would have you believe!

While I like to keep things light when it comes to the history of black hair, it's truly been an epic saga. In the coming weeks, I'll be dishing out some myths, truths, and tales I've stumbled upon. These moments have given me a profound understanding of just how deep our roots run—from the crown of our heads down to our very toes. Our hair isn't just hair; it's a narrative waiting to be told. So, stick around as I unravel a few chapters for you.

By: Rashida Webb, Hair Stylist

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